Our GuavaBerry Blast vape cartridge delivers a delightful explosion of rich berry flavours.

THC: 85-95% | CBD: 0-2%​

Indica Dominant

Relax in berry bliss with our delicious 1g GuavaBerry Blast vape, featuring over 85%+ THC, for a potent kick. Savour the rich, bold flavours, combining sweet berries with zesty citrus notes. Unwind with this high-THC Indica cartridge. With our custom formulation, you won't need to compromise between flavour and potency.

Top Terpenes
  • Nerolidol

  • β-Caryophyllene​

  • Linalool

Offered in a 1g format, made with a hemp-based mouthpiece and packaged in mylar bags made from >40% post-consumer material.

Made with more eco-friendly, sustainable material
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