CBG 20-28% | CBD 45-53%  |  THC <2%

Our high CBG, high CBD vape cartridge is a The White X Appalachia (Lucky Charms) hybrid formulation with a terpene blend dominated by citrus zest and berry aromatics, containing 20-28% CBG, 45-53% CBD and <2% THC. Dominant in Limonene, beta-Caryophyllene, Nerolidol and beta-Pinene, we’ve selected individually sourced terpenes for this formulation with known euphoric, uplifting effects in combination with the CBG and CBD, to create a unique vaping experience. Made with quality cannabis extract, our CBG:CBD features CBG that is naturally derived with no synthetic ingredients.

  • Hybrid

  • Aromas: Citrus Zest and berry aromatics with some mild herbal notes to provide balance

Available in universally compatible 510 cartridges in a 1g format.

What is CBG?
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What is CBG?

Like many plants, Cannabis produces its own chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabigerol, or CBG, is a minor cannabinoid and is non-psychoactive, like CBD. CBG is sometimes referred to as the mother of cannabinoids, as CBD and THC are derived from CBG-A (its acidic form).

CBG Extraction
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CBG Extraction

There’s nothing more important than the ingredients we use. Our CBG is naturally derived with no synthetic additives. We’re all about a quality experience and keeping our products as natural as possible is our top priority so you can Enjoy The Trip the way nature intended.

CBN Derivatives and
Product Formats
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CBN Derivatives and Product Formats

The distillate created from our extraction process can then be formatted into unique cannabis derivatives such as tinctures, concentrates and, other unique finished goods.

Potential Effects
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Potential Effects

Studies indicate that CBG may have great therapeutic potential. While research into these health & wellness benefits are still ongoing, we’ve crafted a product suitable for any cannabis consumer – naturally derived, full of flavour, and containing only non-psychoactive cannabinoids. When added up, you’re left with a unique and uplifting CBG experience.

Terpene Profile
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